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 Nuisance Raccoons

  Highly intelligent and very curious, raccoons are somewhat sociable especially during mating season. They are nocturnal in nature.  Custom Pest Solutions has great success with setting humane traps and removing them the next day.   

  Raccoons will often seek to gain entrance into houses and buildings through attics, chimneys, and roof angles. Uncapped chimneys are becoming more attractive dens than the traditional tree hollow. Often raccoons will tear off shingles, chew holes in soffits or facia boards in order to gain access to an attic. The raccoon is able to climb close hanging tree limbs and jump to the house to gain access as well.

  Raccoons are at the top of the list of wildlife that destroy vegetable gardens. They also are notorious for raiding bird feeders at night as well as garbage cans left along curbs for pickup. With this in mind, it is no wonder raccoons will consume nearly anything including aquatic animals, fruits, nuts, grains, small mammals, birdseed and garbage. Raccoons' amazing dexterity allows them to open eggs, doors, jars, bottles and latches.

  Raccoons average 12" high and weigh anywhere from 15-48 pounds. In the wild they have an average life span of 10 - 13 years. This small land mammal is extremely adaptable and has thrived in the suburban and urban areas.  Raccoons can be easily identified by the way they communicate with a variety of whimpers, whines, squeals, screams, and purrs.

  Also, tracks are easily identifiable since they have five toes on each foot and longer toes on the hind feet. The front foot resembles that of a hand. If you're lucky, the ground was damp and there is a clear footprint in the mud. If not, the easiest way is to sprinkle the hard surface with flour and the prints will show up.

  Females usually give birth to 1 - 6 baby kits. These baby raccoons will stay with the mother until autumn and then go off on their own to find a hollow for winter. While the ideal den is a cavity in a large tree, raccoons will also use manmade structures such as attics, chimneys and outside of buildings.

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